A Tribute To My Angel, My Maa…

She thinks she’s not beautiful

She looks in the mirror & a tear drop falls

She tries to hide  her face whenever someone clicks picture

She says…

“I have wrinkles”

I said…

“They are the lines…lines of all my memories, my good days, my bad days, my whole life is hidden in them”

“I have dark circles”

“Tells about those endless nights you woke up whole night during my exams, when I was ill’

“I have grey hair”

“Yes, the shade of experience.. shade of wisdom… tells me I can always rely on you to solve my every problem”

“My skin is so dull now”

“Cos’ of all the struggles you went through to polish my future into a shining glory”

Whatever you say, however you feel like, you still are & always will be the most beautiful lady I have ever seen! Your beauty is beyond all the definitions, adjectives & the words. Maa, you always will be beautiful…just look through my eyes & you’ll know 🙂


P.S. I wanted to start this new feature by writing a tribute to my mother, all the mothers in fact. They deserve a lot more appreciation & love for the pain they take to make us who we are.


And don’t forget to…

Smile a lil’

Love some more

Dream a lil’

Live some more

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