Chapter 1

Darkness, filled with that killing silence… a cold bed, smoke of cigarette all around in a totally messed up room. There she was…sitting on the floor, in an over-sized tee, continuously staring the wall.. uttering not even a single word. She could see her insecurities standing all tall & dancing on the floor, her failures were haunting her like nightmares not letting her sleep!

She has a successful career, a well paid job, a luxurious flat from the company, lavish lifestyle…then what her failure must be..?

She failed, failed as a human, a daughter, as herself…completely lost the girl she was. Out of everyone, she has let down herself the most. Now she has no dreams, no desires, just a wish…to go back in time & give more value to relations than career.

She wanted to bring back all those people who loved her, loved her for being the person who she was, not for her success or her career. Though she may have all the riches but she has no one to share her laughter with, no soul to tell how sad is she…except for a bottle of beer & a pack of cigarette.

And that was scary..!


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