Chapter 2

“Clack clack clack..tap Clack clack clack..tap… Click”

The only sound you can hear around him, sitting in his office, behind a computer screen, typing in codes as fast as he could. And this continued for few hours.

Then he left his cubicle, had lunch with his colleagues, laughed on some office jokes & sarcasm.. & then back to the sound of keyboard & his coding making love to each other.

In between, he gets a call from his mom asking how is his day going? Did he have his lunch on time? You know the usual.. And his replies to her questions sound exactly like this “hmmm… haa.. haaa.. hmmmm.. haa maa yaad hai.. haa.. ok rakhta hu, bye..!

This sums up his daily routine ‘Office-Lunch-Call From Mom-Home-Office’ & repeat! And all work no play, surely made Jack a dull boy.. well, a frustrated corporate monkey to be precise!

To vent out his frustration, he rants & slams on social networking sites, listens to songs, stares at some nudes of actresses, download some porn maybe & watch it later in home or sometimes in office only (in his phone).

But still nothing beats out that frustration & that sinking feeling completely. Nothing was saving him.


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