The Stories Of The City

There are a lot of lost stories that go dull, eventually vanish under those big city lights. Some are just like ours, some are kinda similar, some are extremely intense, while some are just immature…but nonetheless, they all are dying to be heard, to get noticed.

So, I am being a medium to narrate their untold stories, their unappreciated lil’ struggles, their demons under cover and those unspoken fights. They mostly will be short stories… as life itself is a compilation of short stories, beautifully arranged with a thread of time & experience 🙂

P.S. I don’t believe in naming things/characters or stereotypes, so all of these stories won’t have names just numbering. Do feel free to give names, would love to read your views!

Hope these stories touch your heart in some way, hope you can relate to them


Till then…

Smile a lil’

Love some more

Dream a lil’

Live some more

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