Chapter 3

Soft sunrays of the dawn fell through the window, onto the bed covered with satin sheets. White candles were still lit on the side table, soft music was playing on LED tv & between all of this romantic setup..was sitting he, perplexed & confused.
His heart was pounding..pounding so hard as it was about to beat out of his chest, his mind was blank.
Suddenly he sensed a familiar fragrance…that lingering smell was her’s, his girl. Within a flash of a second, all the memories of last night started playing in his mind.
Her giggles, her moans, her grin..he could hear them all. Their romantic rendezvous, those breath-taking long resuscitations… each passing memory of that night of passion was aching his heart.
Do you love me..? “ “Where are we heading with our relation?” Those questioning eyes, that nervousness in her voice, were haunting him. But now she’s gone, maybe he lost her forever.
But there was something else that was bothering him the most.. he loves her & she surely does makes him happy, then why couldn’t he commit to her..? Why was he letting her go?

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