He was flawed. Still he was no less than a superhero.

She was sitting quietly in her room, crying but not making a sound. While she was crying, a fainted memory runs through her mind; a man dancing silly just to make her smile. And suddenly that teary face broke into a big smile. That man was her dad. The man who became her strength, she had no idea how, when and why. He is her superhero, will always be.

She was the girl raised by a single dad. Her mom passed away during the most crucial age of a girl, teenage. And the world knows this for a fact, bringing up a teenager girl is as tricky as justifying Miley Cyrus twerking her booty everywhere, well maybe it’s more trickier than that. (There goes my failed attempt in making a hipster statement 😛) The society all of a sudden started pitying him. Asked him to get re-married for the sake of his daughter cos’ well how can a man raise a girl, right? But he didn’t give in, he took all the pain, raised her all by himself.

And she, she rather gave him a really tough time. She became that typical rebel-for-no-reason-and-my-father-can’t-ever-understand-me kid. Losing her mom changed her completely. Taking care of her was not easy. And sadly, no one was there to help him, neither did he ever ask for. Things were just getting even more tough for him. His lil’ girl who always used to run to daddy has now become a mind boggling algebra equation, whose x & y variables keep on changing.

Like any other man during such crazy times, sometimes he used to end up losing his temper. So sometimes, he ended up shouting on her. And mind you, providing all the financial aid & support, feeding her, doing all motherly things & then keeping up with her tantrums wasn’t easy. Can’t really blame the poor man. But after an hour he would knock her door, she as usual will hide her tears cos’ you know how rebel kids are strong enough to never cry in front of anyone. He would sing silly, say silly dialogues & jokes or even dance silly, just to make that frown go away from her face. He would make up for it cos’ after all his lil’ girl was all he had.

Times just kept getting tough.  It was her high school days & she was making friends with all the wrong people. Now for her, her friends became everything, she was seeking love in them. These friends started influencing her. The girl who once was a nerd has now started bunking classes, lost interest in studies, deliberately got into trouble just to get accepted by the wrong ones. She lost her track, completely. He tried to stop her, warn her, even scolded her for hanging out with such kids. But all his efforts backfired, she only misunderstood him for trying to keep her away from her friends. He was a man under a lot of pressure & he was trying his best to provide everything to his daughter, to protect her. Like they say desperate times call for desperate measures. So he ended up following what them nosy aunties & society had to say about raising a girl “properly”-  Stop giving her so much independence, stop her from talking to guys, stop her from wearing shorts & skirts, teach her cooking, cleaning, stitching & every “girly” things. He never forced these rules on her before. But the clueless man tried this too, just to save his daughter from more trouble she was running into. Unfortunately all of this, made them  grow even more far apart from each other.

Soon he realized it was not the right way. As soon as her college life started, he gave her all the freedom, even financial freedom. He tried making up for the mistake he made, he became more calm. Tried to not get angry when she used to throw tantrums for no reason. But tried to understand her. But she never noticed all the little things he did for, the changes he made in himself, all the sacrifices he made for her, she rarely noticed them let alone appreciating the man. She was lost in her friends, they were family to her not her dad. Boy,that must have hurt real bad but he never complained. He kept doing everything he could for her.

And one fine day, the bubble she used to live in, burst. The people whom she used to call friends, treated as family, threw her out as if they never considered her as a friend. As if she means nothing to them. That day she came back crying to her house. She saw her dad sitting, usually she would wipe her tears & not shed single tear in front of him. But today she couldn’t bear it, her demeanor got washed off as she burst into tears in front of him. Her dad hugged her, comforted her. She opened up to him finally, told him everything. He just smiled, patted on her head & said, “I understand. You meant no wrong, you were just lonely” And those words hit her & she finally understood the family she was looking for was here, the home she was looking for was right in front of her, her dad. She realized what ass of a kid she has been to her dad. There was regret in her eyes. And she hears the words, “Arre sher beta hai na tu mera? Aise thorri na rotey hai, ab ye sab chor or bol butter chicken khaega mera beta?

From that day she started to respect her dad. And he made her the girl who doesn’t discriminate between men & women. Taught her not be dependent on any man, if being a man he can do all the motherly things, being a girl she too can do the things which only men are ‘supposed’ to do. He made her always strive to become the better version of herself. He gave her a rock solid heart to never give up on ones you love, no matter how hard it gets, keep trying. She learnt to appreciate the small sacrifices one makes for her. She started to appreciate men & their efforts even more. Most importantly, he taught her to have high standards when it comes to making friends or choosing a man & not to accept anything less than what she deserves just because she’s  lonely.

He surely had made some mistakes. But no one’s born as a parenting expert. Even mothers make mistakes so many times but it’s usually a father’s mistake which gets pointed out. Always misunderstood. They rarely get appreciated for the pain they go through. Are usually underestimated. I mean how many times I have heard a mother playing the role of a father being looked up as an inspiration, whereas when we talk about a father being playing both the roles, the society starts to think of them being incapable, as if they are handicapped to give justice to both the roles. So today I would like to stand up for all the unsung hereos. The one who sacrifices, gets ignored behind his strict demeanor. The one whose heart beats only for his children but lets his wife to take the centre stage among his children. Yes, they might be bit flawed but they are no less than a superhero.


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He was flawed. Still he was no less than a superhero.

  1. Superb storytelling, wonderfully written! Keep writing…

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