Those Whispers At The Funeral Were Funny

Those whispers at the funeral were funny

They all were sad & shattered, now

And their noses were runny.

Now they care, now they love, now they want to know his story

Now they wonder if they could help to stop,

To stop him from attempting suicide

Now they have the time. And a heart.

Oh it was so funny!


Oh, those whispers at the funeral were so funny!

Among those whispers I hear a familiar voice

Oh so now you’re sad that he died?

What about me when I told you I want to die?

Those sad eyes of yours now, then ignored my tears

Ignored how much I was scared

I tried talking, but your ears never heard enough

You never wanted to believe that I was having it tough

“You’re strong, I know this will pass by”

Those words were all I got

And I thought you were there by my side

It’s hard to ask for help but I still did

Reaching out to you was my last bid

But all you saw how I was laughing, with a fake smile

Oh it’s so funny that I tried


So now I hide all the storms in my heart

And the demons in my head

Act like I am never alone

I embellish the eyes that’s been dead

I keep singing every song

And make that dead soul dance all along

But what hurts most is,

Everyday I fight, all alone

And got no support

So please don’t blame me when I say,

Wish I had a family

Wish I had a home.


But oh, wait!

Before I make this again about me

Did I tell you

Of all those funny whispers

What was killing me, was yours


~ for the friend who’s hurt and doesn’t wanna speak no more. To the aching soul, that walks alone!

Lonely path

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